Reformers Unanimous is a faith based addictions programme. We meet every Friday night at 2 and 3 Main Road, Tallaght. 7:00 – 9:00pm. Reformers Unanimous is a Christ centered addictions programme that directs the intemperate back to God’s support group, the local church. We have a complete line of curriculum, men’s treatment facility, and an institutional programme to help those who are in bondage. Contact us today to find out how we can help you or a loved one find freedom from the snare of addiction! 01-4515574
Great Teaching
Each RU meeting includes a thirty minute teaching lesson on how to overcome temptation using principles found in the Bible.
Complete Curriculum
RU has numerous resource materials to aid in your recovery. They include programme guides, handbooks, workbooks, and memory books.
Personal Testimonies
Each RU meeting gives volunteer students an opportunity to share how God has changed their lives. You will be encouraged by hearing stories of God’s miraculous saving grace. We hear of days, months, and years of victory and give awards for each.
Personal Counselling
RU breaks into counsel groups to share each of our burdens and blessings. Each group is led by a counsel leader. If anyone needs personal counselling, it is available.
Leadership Staff
Each RU group has its very own leadership staff of volunteers who are trained to work with you one-on-one or in group counselling.
RU offers clean, loving crèches, and childcare with trained workers. The children will play games, learn Bible stories, and have lots of fun.
Awards Program
Pins and ribbons are awarded to participants for each level reached in the program
Free Transport 
Free Tea and Coffee
Free crèche provided
Layton Kelly’s Story
Caught in addiction, bound by the chains of sin. Does this sound like anybody you know? This is the heartbreaking story of Layton Kelly, a native of Tallaght. He grew up like any other young boy in the area, but something happened.
In his early years, Layton attended Kiltalown Primary School. Like many, he was Roman Catholic by birth, but only attended church on special occasions. At twelve years of age he was invited to a football camp presented by Lifegate Bible Baptist Church. At the camp he heard the message of salvation, the message that Jesus Christ could save him from going to hell for his sin. Looking around at the camp leaders, he realized that they had something different, something he wanted. They were bright happy people. That day, Layton decided to put his trust in Jesus Christ alone to save him from his sin and take him to heaven when he would die. He began studying the Bible and attending Lifegate Bible Baptist Church, and was excited about his new life of knowing God.
Things were going well until he reached the early teenage years. He started getting into trouble in school, and got involved with an older crowd. From there, things only went down hill. Layton’s story is one of heartache, for himself and those around him. He stopped going to church and turned his back on God. He began stealing cars and doing drugs.
Ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, heroin, and other drugs became the habit of his early teenage years. Like thousands of others, he became what we know as “a heroin addict.” The next few years are a blur in his life. Trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction, he lived aimlessly, hurting himself and those around him. “I couldn’t see a way out. I tried to get off heroin so many times, but I would only last about a week, not even. I tried methadone programmes, doctors, psychiatrists, but nothing seemed to work. I resigned myself to the fact that I would be a heroin addict for the rest of my life.” The future appeared absent of hope.
At the age of twenty, after taking sleeping pills, he ended up back at the door of Lifegate Bible Baptist Church pleading for help. Pastor David O’Gorman took him in for five months and helped him to prepare for drug rehabilitation. He then went to a Christian centre in Scotland and spent eighteen months recovering and building a new life. His recovery was successful because of the power of God. After he completed the program, he became a member of staff and worked there for two years
Kelly FamToday, Layton is happily married with a family. When asked how his life has changed, he said, “I have hope.” He has returned to Tallaght to settle down with his family and reach out to those who are caught in the vice of addiction. He has the message of hope, and is living proof that the power of God is able to take any person and bring them out of addiction.

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Daily Schedule
The daily schedule determines what the student will be doing on a general basis from day to day. It is to provide a standard for performance of duties when no other urgent needs are pressing. It will demand of the student the discipline they need to structure important things into their day, i.e.: sleep, personal time alone with God, good hygiene, personal study, work, service, rest, play, and fellowship. It is subject to change at the request of any level from steward and upward.
Quiet Time
The first, and most important part of every day is spent in prayer and study of God’s Word, the Bible. Students are taught how to use the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal to develop a dynamic love relationship with Jesus Christ. The journal shows students how to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth, how to pray according to God’s will, how to meditate upon scripture, and to encourage others. The morning devotions are foundational to our program. If all a student learns while here is to walk with God then that student has gained a treasure of inestimable value, and victory is sure. This isn’t “devotions,” it’s real, it’s personal, it’s life changing, it’s a genuine walk with God.
Chapel is held every weekday and taught by staff members of Reformers Unanimous and other surrounding churches. It is a highlight of our students’ day and we take this time very seriously. This is a time to hear a warm Bible message, and be encouraged in your spiritual walk. Speakers are those who understand what the Bible says about overcoming addiction and living the victorious Christian life.
Friday Night Class
Every Friday night, students attend Reformers Unanimous Addictions Class in Tallaght. Each class is divided into three sessions. The first session involves hearing a Biblical challenge from the RU’s director, Layton Kelly. This time is followed by a group prayer meeting and sharing testimonies.
The second session is a time men and women meet separately in smaller groups and discuss overcoming the addictions in their own lives. It is a time of letting each person share what is on his own heart in seeking to live a victorious Christian life. There is a detailed curriculum for each member to follow. In the last session everyone comes together to listen to a challenge from God’s Word. Afterwards, there is a time of fellowship and refreshments.
Reformers Unanimous’ goal is to direct those in recovery to God’s intended support group – the local church. As such, all students attend all services at Lifegate Bible Baptist Church.
God designed the local church to be a support group for hurting people, whether they are in need of salvation, restoration, or growing in the Christian faith. This support group gives these individuals godly counsel, encouragement, and challenges to overcome the strongholds in their lives. We believe that continued church attendance is a key catalyst to continuing victory.